Why join a club? There are countless clubs at BYU to help you be as successful as possible. Clubs typically full under two categories 1) academic and 2) social.

Academic clubs are designed to help you land into a great job or graduate school typically. They help you networkpractice for interviews, and find meaningful internships and jobs throughout the process. They are usually hosted through a college. For example, the Pre-med club falls under the College of Life Science.

Social clubs on the other-hand are designed to help you have fun, follow a hobby, make friends, and develop a passion. These clubs might provide leadership or volunteer experience but usually they are just for having fun. Examples include the ping-pong club, the chess club, the fencing club, etc.

In the Marriott school of Business, students are required to join a club. Research has found that those who do Experiential Learning, tend to have higher job placement and salaries then students who don’t. Academic clubs are designed to help students participate in Experiential Learning, through helping their club members finds internships, and engage in whatever profession in other meaningful ways. I strongly recommend you join an Academic club as soon as possible. If you join a club very early, you will likely become the President of that club before you graduate.

Go here to see a list of BYU clubs

– Nathan Mella